G&G Precision worked from conceptual sketches to design, produce and document a fully functional production mold. They handled with creativity all aspects of implementation of the concepts. Having the in-house capability to produce 3D software models and also produce the mold from the models was critical to the success of the project.

Eric Ingram


G&G Precision has become a valuable partner in my field of machine design. They have proven to be very responsive to the quick turn-around demands of prototyping. Their expertise in machining and materials has been very helpful during the design phase. They repeatedly exceeded expectations and gone out of their way to help me meet seemingly impossible deadlines. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Gene Schmitt

Mechanical Engineer

To date, including the many years at different employers, I have had nothing but good experiences with G&G. Their attention to detail, commitment to quality and strong work ethic have always made G&G the most dependable choice in specialty machining. In particular, Paul Gombar has consistently proven himself undiscouraged by technical challenges. On several occasions, G&G was presented with machining requests that had been turned down by other shops due to the level of complexity or the uniqueness of the material. In each instance, G&G tackled the problem with a fresh perspective; not only solving it and providing components within specification, but in most cases discovering new ways to get the job done. Most importantly, their level of customer service and commitment to on-time quality product delivery has made them our first choice as both a prototype house as well as a long term supplier.

Jack C. Griffis


My experience with G&G Precision Inc. has been no less than outstanding. The personal attention I receive is a refreshing change from my experiences with other shops. Their attention to quality and their responsiveness to my deadline needs has given me the confidence I need to move ahead with my projects. I recently had the occasion to seek their assistance in trouble shooting some original design flaws. Paul, Rich, Paul Sr. and crew, took the time to learn and understand my end product and its operation. This enabled them to address those issues quite handily and make suggestions to the original design that will result in a better quality end product for me. G&G Precision have truly become working partners in my process.

Jeffrey W. Martin