About Us

“By serving our customers in a positive, knowledgeable, and interactive manner, we have been able to create a viable business with a solid reputation,
which should lead to even more opportunities and growth”.

Rich Griffith

G&G Precision, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Rich Griffith and Paul Gombar as a small job shop,
tailored towards product development engineers.

Prior to founding G&G, Rich Griffith and Paul Gombar began their working relationship doing medical device product development for a cardiology company. This collaboration sparked the idea of a job shop with an emphasis on a working relationship with engineering customers.

Griffith is a mechanical engineer with more than 25 years experience in medical device research and development. Along with years of CNC machining, mold making experience, Gombar brings engineering design to the company through the use of Solid Works® and its interface with CAM software. Griffith and Gombar worked for a decade to make G&G a prestigious company until Griffith’s celebrated retirement in 2014.

G&G occupies a spacious facility in Winder, Georgia. G&G is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the scope of contract manufacture of medical devices, precision machined castings, and aerospace components and is committed to maintaining a professional and clean work area in keeping with our medical device backgrounds. All of our machined parts are strictly verified and inspected after machining is complete.
The firm makes extensive use of SolidWorks® CAD software, bringing concepts, ideas, and models to realization.

We are committed to the fabrication of product that meets all customer requirements with ontime delivery while continually striving to improve customer satisfaction through focus engineering and quality control.

The company’s staff is highly qualified, skilled, and determined to produce quality products to meet your needs.

Paul Gombar

Paul Gombar